City Couincil Adopts Revised Fee Schedule for New Planning Regulations

The City Council adopted a revised fee schedule to go with the new Planning Regulations. Council Member Davis continues to mention her total satisfaction with these new regulations. This is despite the fact the vast majority of Emeryville Property Owners did not participate in the process. The General Plan and associated regulations were developed when Emeryville had a redevelopment agency. The city used to have the power to contribute money to projects to carry out the city’s wishes. For the property owners who did not cooperate, the City could take their land by eminent domain, and sell it to another private party. That is one reason why property owners were reluctant to participate in the five year process. Now, without redevelopment it will be necessary for the city to seek property owner cooperation. When asked if property owners were notified of the revised fees, the Planning Director said the notice was published in the newspaper, the same as saying it doesn’t matter if they were notified or not. It appears only time will demonstrate the impacts of all these new regulations.

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