City Council Adopts New Planning Regulations Jan 15, 2013 – Property Owners ask for Flexibility

The City Council adopted these new Planning Regulations to enforce the new City General Plan. No matter how much money and time was spent on the General Plan Update Process, the fact is most of the affected property owners did not participate. We have captured TWO videos of the Jan 15 City Council Meeting bellow. The FIRST video shows the Staff Report. The SECOND video shows the Public Comment section and City Council adoption of the new regulations.

Planning Director Charlie Bryant shown below

Property Owner  Andrew Allen shown in the photo below asking for flexibility.

 The EPOA feels the new General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, Planning Regulations, Design Guideline and Preservation Ordinance are unnecessarily restrictive.  The community has been sold on something which lacks an appropriate financial analysis or the support of the owners of the land being regulated. This plan cannot go anywhere without the support of property owners..  

The new regulations include a bonus system to grant a property owners the ability to have increased density if they pay a fee to the City. That says the typical benefits the City would obtain from increased density are not sufficient. If we hold you hostage, we can make you pay more money. If a property owner chooses not to go forward who is the biggest loser.?  improvements to land and expanded use pf property are a new annual source of city revenue. 

Should the City be concerned about lost opportunity?   If the financial analysis of the General Plan is accomplished, and if it shows the City will have a major shortfall of anticipated revenue, How would that be approached. ? Are you going to ask property owners to pay higher taxes, while restricting their ability to earn money from their land?

Every time something costs more money to build, the more money the owner will charge to rent or sell the property. Is that in the City’s best interests?  The loss of redevelopment means the city has no ability to force economic investment, the way it has been in the past. The city used to have the power to tell a property owner to upgrade or the city would take your private land and find someone else to develop it. Redevelopment was a tool to eliminate blight and force economic development. At what point will the City realize it is too restrictive?


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