Emeryville Public Notice & Accountability Initiative Ballot Measure

1.   TEN DAYS advance public notice before the City can take action on posted agenda items. As it exists today, Emeryville only provides SEVENTY-TWO hours advance public notice. This is common practice in other cities. In Berkeley they  provide ELEVEN DAYS notice, and in San Francisco it is TEN DAYS.

2. It requires the City to provide EMAIL notice of City Council and Planning Commission meetings, .

3. Requires the City to audio record all city committee meetings, and video record City Council, Planning commission and School Board meetings.

4. Requires the City to establish a fee for people who want to pay to have it mailed to them. When the City began posting the information on the web page, all of the people who used to sign up and pay to receive the agenda packet were cut off. The city wrongfully refuses to mail an agenda packet, even if someone wants to pay for it.

5. Requires the City to post certain useful information on the city web page, in a concise manner. Information about crime, list of new laws, and new fees. current staffing levels, a list of wages and benefits paid to City employees (by job classification), and voting record for City Council and Planning Commissioners,

6. Requires the city to audio record Closed Session meetings of the City Council. (such recordings only available by a court order on a showing of good cause) The recording will create evidence and make it less likely for anyone to provide false information to influence the decisions of the Council in closed session.

7. Requires the City to post Public Notices at City Hall. There are presently no Public Notices posted at city hall.

Signatures on the ballot petition are just for the purpose of placing the measure on the ballot. It does not mean you support or endorse the measure. It needs a minimum of 625 signatures to qualify. If you would like to sign the petition or volunteer to collect signatures, please call 510-305-0000


Council Member Jennifer West placed the item on a study session agenda, seeking to have the City Council adopt the TEN DAY provision of the Measure.  Despite the fact it is done in other Cities, Staff raised lots of objection. The lack of public notice is a tool well used by Staff to limit public input, so they can have it their way.

The video of the study session is below…

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