City Council Moves Forward with 1st Step of Parking Implementation Plan – Jan 15, 2013

The City Council unanimously decided to move forward with the first step of the Parking Implementation Plan. It is real apparent, there wasn’t anything which was going to stop it from moving forward. These parking controls are unnecessary and are simply the beginning of a program to discourage auto use in Emeryville. Anyone who has difficulty with these new parking regulations should not be silent about it. The video below shows the City Council approval of the new parking controls.

Over 75% of the folks who attended the community meeting held by the EPOA on Jan 12th said parking controls should not be implemented without the request of the community, but that was simply ignored. The adoption of parking controls and greater regulations for planning and zoning will have a negative impact on the City.

Below is the video of the City Council action to adopt the 1st step of the Parking Implementation Plan

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