City Council Authorizes Study to Impose New Impact Fees – City to Begin Charging for City Inspections

At the City Council Meeting on April 2, 2013 The Council approved hiring a consultant to come back with a comprehensive analysis of new impact fees the City can implement. .. Back in 2008, the same consultant has prepared a study of new impact fees. However, at that time the City arranged a meeting to discuss the fees. As a result of resounding opposition, the Council did not go forward. .The Council approval of the contract is shown below, as well as a copy of the Staff Report, and the proposal of what is being considered.



Earlier in the study session of environmental programs Peter Schultz-Allen announced the City is to begin charging businesses for inspections. He says the fee has been in the master fee schedule for a long time. We ask if that justifies collecting  a new fee without prior notice to affected parties?

The City just continues it’s unfair and unfriendly practice of raising fees and coats without input  or concerns about the impact. has the attitude they can charge any fee, and it will just be paid. At the conclusion of the meeting, shown in the below video,  Council Member Ruth Atkin asks the Council to consider yet another fee to be imposed on larger businesses that abruptly shut their doors in the community. Is it even possible higher fees may bring less money and discourage economic development?   Perhaps time will tell?



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