City Council Study Session on Impact Fees on Dec 4th at 6:30pm

With a mere three days notice the City Council is having a study session on impact fees. It’s doubtful affected parties have time to become aware of the study session. No time to schedule being there, and absolutely no time to prepare any information for the city council to consider. The only information presented will be the Staff direction.

The real missing question is the impact of all these impact fees and regulations. Should we consider the possibility we may not be able to afford some of the desired amenities the fees are seeking to accomplish.?

It may be more important, in light of the loss of redevelopment, for the city to begin to offer incentives to encourage economic development. If you are asking for more fees, you are just making the price higher and higher.

What does our financial outlook say? Is this the right time to raise the price and impose more regulations, when we know we need to attract more business..?

The City is a business. Like any business, if you want more money you have to offer something in return. We have lost the benefits of redevelopment, instead of offering money we need to offer increased use and density. We need to encourage property owners to improve their land. it’s the only tool we have to meet future demand, but making it more expensive, may be creating a liability, not an asset. the effort seems contrary to our needs even if it satisfies desire.

In fact, without a current financial projection of the new general plan, new regulations, of design guidelines, and our anticipated needs, in a post redevelopment era, we don’t know what we can afford.?

If the focus of the effort is economics, the impact of another impediment to improving property should be fully considered. With only THREE days notice it’s unlikely any of the affected people can raise objection.

Below please find five documents associated with the study session.






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