Delores Turner Leaves Emeryville

We just recently learned Delores Turner, Assistant City Manager and in charge of the City Human Resources,Department is no longer working tor the City. She is now the Human Resources Director at East Bay MUD. Turner handled all of the city’s personnel matters.Her departure will affect every employee in the City. Her actions have embroiled the City in numerous lawsuits, including the Pollard lawsuit which cost the City $4.3 million dollars for wrongful termination after 27 years of employment. Pollard became a problem for Staff. Everytime management broke the rules, she made a note of it  A situation developed in the workplace where Pollard felt threatened by another employee. She complained and no one did anything about. One day wqhen she was supposed to report for work she wouldn’t come into the building  and management didn’t do asnything about. Finallt, Pollard said she would have to take tmatter into her own hands. It was deemed to be a threat to management, and they ordered her to be examined. Hours before she was terminated she filed a police report. That was the threat they deemed to be serious enough to determine she was “unfit for duty.”

The City had terminated Ms. Pollard, for budget reasons ten years before that. the arbitrator in that case awarded Pollard and another employee with $250,000 each, and in addition both employees were ordered reinstated back to work.

The arbitrator in the second matter, apparently believed the City had not learned its lesson. The terms of the first settlement were not carried out. In testimony Turner admitted she was not even familiar with the terms of settlement. The second arbitrator ordered her reinstated once again. In what is believed to be sheer defiance, when she did report back to work, no work station was provided for her.

That Arbitrator awarded Ms. Pollard with $1.3 million dollars (cash) and she remains on the city payroll, without reporting for work, until she retires. (approx 12 years) Leslie Pollard is shown in the video as she rtold the city council about her victory.

Turner worked closely with City Attorney Mike Biddle. His office provided Turner with unlimited legal resources to provide legal justification for her actions. The city council does not provide any oversight of the City Attorney. The City Council refuses to audit the city attorneys department. The City Attorneys earns approximately $5,000 per week in wages and benefits.

We hope the City Manager can take this opportunity to replace Turner with someone who can begin to bridge the gap between City employees and management.

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