Economic Development Overview from California State Assembly Feb 5, 2013

  • The below video is the introduction to the 2013 legislative Session for the Assembly Economic Development Committee. The video provides an excellent overview and understanding of the Economic Status of the State. There is a presentation by:
  • Legislative Analyst, Mac Taylor
  • Jerry Nicholson – UCLA  economic forcaster
  • Dr. Gus Koehler
  • Glenda Humison, economic adviser to Pres. Obama
  • Gary Gateway, small business association
  • Public Comments
  • There is a large file, and it will take a minute to begin. This information was provided to the Assembly as the basis for State for legislative action this year.

The first video below are comments from Gus Koehler, (shown in the photo below)  relative to the way North Dakota handles it’s budget. North Dakota is an example of a State with a State controlled banking system a model for the nation. There is a question about the accuracy of the below comments made by Dr. Koehler.

the full video presentation to the State Assembly Committee is found below.

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