Emery-Go-Round Board Meeting was held on Thursday, Nov 15, 2012 at 9:00am

We are having technical difficulties with the audio recording of this meeting. If it can be resolved the audio will be posted.

Brief summary : The Board meeting was held. on schedule. directors, Andy A;llen, Bob Canter, Geoff Sears,  Peter Schriber (Pixar), and Chair Denise Pinkston was present, just barely a quorum.

1. The Executive Director Peter Oswald sated he was retiring. The Gray Bowen Company, has assigned someone to take Peter’s place. He will be available as necessary to assist with the transition.

2. During public comment it was noted, the minutes did not reflect a request at the previous board meeting for the City to evaluate the potential of assessing residents for the bus service. They are planning to undertake a detained survey of riders to get a better idea of who is using it. Just the fact they are uncertain of who is riding the buses is a good indication the PBID is not being followed according to state law. A survey of passengers is expected in January.


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