Emery Go Round Facing New Challenges – EPOA Urges City Council to Find Alternative Funding – 5/7/13

On May 7, 2013, the City Council held a study session about the Emery Go Round. The Emeryville Property Owners Association has urged the City Council to look for another source of funding prior to the conclusion of the current PBID assessments in 2016.

We believe the Emery Go Round has grown into a public bus system, and should be funded with a general city tax. The present PBID assessments were intended to provide a specific benefit to the participating property owners. The system has grown beyond what anyone expected, and does not provide the required special benefit. Roni Hattrup of the Emery Go Round Staff is shown in the photo below addressing the City Council.

We have also provided the video of the July 18, 2006 City Council Meeting when the Property Business Improvement District “PBID” was renewed. The PBID renewal was successful because a majority of the property owners, who voted in the election, did not oppose it. Shown below in TWO separate videos. The first segment of the meeting opens up the balloting, and the second segment announces the results of the election. City Clerk, Karen Hemphill is shown in both photos

What are the Challenges….? We also believe a ridership survey which shows which properties are creating the increased demand for service. This would allow the assessments for the remaining time of the PBID to be more in compliance with the type of benefit the property owners are paying for.

The Emery Go Round should hire a new outside law firm. The present attorney is too closely tied to the City Attorney. Serious revisions to the by-laws are necessary to establish a board which can better represent all of the property owners.

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