EPOA seeks to Challenge Emery Go Round Assessments.- 7/16/13

At their meeting on June 20, 2013 the Emery Go Round Board voted to recomend raising the 2014 assessment for the Emery Go Round by 2.5%. .The newest Board Member, Francis Collins, attended the meeting and urged the Board not to raise the assessment.

Collins subsequently left the meeting and thereby reduced the number of Board members present to less than a quorum. However, Staff said they could take the vote anyway, as long as they had a quroum at the beginning of the meeting.

At its meeting on July 10, participating property owners in the EPOA voted unanimously to challenge any increase in the Emery Go Round Assessments. These property owners feel the assessments are unlawful, unfair, and for many years they have been paying increased assessments with no increased benefit.

At the City Council meeting of July 16, 2013 the City Council voted unanimously to impose a 2.5% increase in the assessments. The Council ignored the EPOA concerns.  The Council also decided not to provide any city funds to augment the projected Emery Go Round budget deficit for 2014.

The EPOA is hiring an attorney to provide a legal analysis of the Emery Go Round assessments. Since its inception the City has never provided any notices to property owners about any tax increase.There is never any information provided about where the riders are going, nor any attempt to pinpoint which propertie are responsible for the increasing riders.

Smaller property owners are tired of just paying increasing assessments with no justification provided.  There are THREE outstanding questions.

1. Are the assessments lawful
2. Are the increases allowed by law, without notification to property owners.
1. Do the members who pay the assessment, have the right to elect all the Board members to serve them. Can their rights be controlled by a set of bylaws which were never duly adopted the membership?

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