Enterprise Zone May be in Jeopardy

The City Manager announced the Enterprise Zone may be in jeopardy. The City has signed a contract with the Chamber or Commerce for business outreach, and to promote the Enterprise Zone. The city adopted their economic strategy plan which had input from less than 5% of the City’s businesses. If the Enterprise Zone is eliminated, it will take away part of the reason the City provides $25,000 in the annual City budget. The Redevelopment agency used to provide the funds but now the city general fund is paying. the Agency used to provide the funds for an Emeryville news source known as the “Emeryville Connection.”  The City Attorney had to approve every issue prior to distribution. Emeryville residents became upset about biased reporting and it was eliminated. The Staff provided E-News has taken its place.. The City contribution to the Chamber makes it very difficult for them to criticize the Staff or the City Council. on issues which are important to business people.. The video of the City Manager’s comments are shown below.

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