EPOA Community Meeting held on Jan 12, 2013

The EPOA held a community meeting about the Parklng Management Implementation Plan at the Ralph Hawley School. Between 75-80 people participated, almost all residents. The meeting had an unexpected 40 minute delay when the video file to be used for the presentation was corrupted. When it got underway Council Member Jennifer West made a presentation and responded to questions. All participants were asked to complete a feedback card. We collected 38 feedback cards. We have posted a copy all the cards received at the meeting, but have omitted the name and email address of the attendees. Please click the below link………


The meeting was a healthy exchange of information. Most people enjoyed the ability for community dialogue. The EPOA seeks to hold a quarterly event for community dialogue on important issues. Complimentary Food was and beverages were provided. The responses to the questions seemed to indicate about 75% of the paricipants were generally not in favor of the Parking Plan, especially the idea of using parking as a revenue source for the City.

The EPOA feels the implementation of the new timed parking zones to be an unnecessary intrusion into the daily life of the affected residents, business people and their employees. It will force people to add one more problem , and one more way to be at risk. The effort will cause many more “cold starts” which is the worst form of air pollution from motor vehicles. And while part of the goal is to eliminate traffic. Cars which would otherwise be parked for most of the day will now contribute more congestion, having to ride around looking for another parking space. Increased use of gas. The contribution to the overall environmental effort, while admirable, will cause economic impacts for the City. Some residents at the meeting indicated they would be forced to use their car, if they are unable to leave the car parked in the street all day, so they can use transit or ride their bicycle to work.

The City government should be responsive to the needs of the community and should not impose anything unless it is necessary. Despite the fact over 75% of the residents who attended the community meeting on Saturday said the City should not impose parking controls which are not requested by the community, it is being done anyway?

Someone at the meeting said it should be put to a public vote. That may become a future option to consider. The EPOA is already sponsoriing a new ballot measure known as the

“Emeryville Public Notice and Accountabiility Initiative” which will force the City

It is amazing how the justification for turnover of parking is not supported by the people who are intended to benefit. According to our survey none of the affected restaurants support this Plan. They know if they make it more difficult for their employees to come to work, it will cost them more money. Everyone in the community seems to support finding a way to force Wareham and other developers to use their offstreet parking for the purpose it was provided. Wareham boldly advertises their parking facilities as “public parking” The City has actually put Wareham in the parking business with a large public subsidy for their newest buiding, yet to be built, the Transit Cenrter, which has FIVE floors of parking, and no requirement that any of that parking be used for future tenants of the building.

How will the City determine if the Parking Management Plan is a failure?

Business people have said time and again, what they want most from government is to be left alone. However, we do know it will be more of a problem for people to park in Emeryville. Every action taken to make it more difficult to do anything will discourage people from coming to Emeryville.

The economics of the City don’t seem to have much relevance in the City decision making these days. Something which we will all soon discover. The Police Department is currently understaffed, and despite the excellent Police Services provided to the City, their record of handling parking emnforcement is another story. The fact that parking fines are exhorbitant, also doesn’t matter. The Alamenda County Sheriff Dept has designeated patrols at BART Stations for the purpose of writing $350 tickets for parking in a bus stop. The officers pull over drivers who drop someone off in the bus zone, but they give you a parking ticket instead of a moving violation. Drivers are told, they are getting a favor since parking tickets are not reflected on your driving record. However, the real reason it is handled that way is most of the fine for a moving violation goes to the State for being in violation of the State vehicle code. However all the money collected for a parking violation
goes to the local jurisdiction. It is an on-going trap for unsuspecting motorists to fund the operation of the Sheriff Dept.who make the mistake of dropping someone off

The feedback card asked attendees to respond to the below questions below, and the responses are provided.

A. Do you think Parking should be used as a source of revenue for the City of Emeryville? 28 NO 6 YES
1 said only to close budget gap ?
1 said only if home ownwers are not badly affected
1 said yes but on a sliding scale for businesses and residents ?
1- no response

B. Do you think Parking Zones should be implemented withiout being requested by the community? 29 NO 6 yes
1- sometimes
2- did not answer question

c. If you have to pay for parking will you use transit?
20 no
2- no response

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