City Council Delays Approval of New Park Regulations

On July 17th, the City Council decided to delay consideration of the proposed changes for the 2nd time. One of the issues has been regulating the fire pit at the Marina. A number of people have questioned whether the pit area is included with the area which is leased to the Marina International.

Below is a copy of the lease agreement. note: allow 3 full minutes for document to download (87 pages)

Full Copy of Marina Lease Agreement- 11/14/2008

Addendum to Marina Lease

If this ordinance is adopted it will have a substantial impact to the folks who rent slips and live at the Emeryville Marina. The Ordinance regulates portions of the Emeryville Marina which should be under the control of Marina International. The ordinance may even constitute a violation of their agreement with the City.

These regulations essentially prohibit boaters from “loitering” at city facitities they are paying to use. The item is listed as a consent calender item as if there is no objection to its adoption. A copy of the revised ordinance and staff report are below. Please refer to an earlier post below for more information.

Revised Park Ordinance – July 17, 2012


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