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1. List of Emeryville Property Owners (pdf file)

2. Emeryville Census Information – 2010

3.  Emery Go Round Assessment Roll – 2011-2012

4.  Engineer’s Report – Emery Go Round Assessment district 2006

5.  Business License Tax Measure – Adopted by Voters – Nov-2011

6. City Agreement with Chamber of Commerce – July 17, 2012

7.  Draft Copy City Budget -2012-2014 5/23/2012

8.  $95 Million School Bond Measure – Adopted by Voters Nov – 2010

9. Roie of the City Attorney (League of Cities)

10. City Manager Code of Ethics (City Manager Association)

11. Brown Act (State Public Meeting Law)

12. Radio Interview with Bill Still (Money Masters Narrator) BILL_STILL.MP3



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  1. Please FIX Emery-Go-Round! It is a major resource for Emeryville and your economic development. More cars on the streets will bring more problems.

    The service is terrible.

    It was posted that a new stop in front of the Public Market would start on 10/01/12, but the bus will NOT stop there. The two stops before the new stop are very close to each other and it makes no sense.

    Signage on the buses need to be posted on the back end so people don’t have to run to the bus only to find out it is not their bus since the signage is up front.

    Lots of confusion boarding the bus. Everyone boards and then we are told the other bus is leaving next so everyone gets off the bus and onto the other bus. What a mess. Then you have the bus that is “Special” which no one knows what that means, so everyone asks if it is a Hollis or Powell bus.


  2. I received your recent postcard regarding the EmeryGoRound property owners tax, which I am opposed to. I have some ideas for defeating it.

    Please provide me a phone number so I can speak with you in person.


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