Liz Altieri Meets Sudden Death

Elizabeth Altieri just celebrated her 56th birthday on August 30th. About two weeks ago she was rushed to Alta Bates hospital with Liver and Kidney failure. A short time later she passed away.

About two years ago, her husband passed away.His death left her all alone.
Liz was active in Emeryville politics.She was very involved in every City Council election. She was also a staunch volunteer for the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce. She also served on she General Plan Steering Committee, and City Finance Committee.

Most of all Liz wanted to serve on the City Planning Commission. She submitted her application for every planning commission vacancy for the last TEN Years. In July, 2011 she questioned why former Council Member Ken Bukowski nominated her to serve, but his motion died for lack of a second.

No one from the City or the Chamber of Commerce would ever support her for the appointment. Still determined, in anticipation for the June, 2012 vacancies she rehearsed her responses to all the questions for SIX MONTHS.

When the City Council interview finally happened she answered every question as politically correct as anyone could, but still no one supported her. Below please find the video of her interview with the City Council on July 5, 2012

When she was not chosen she cried real tears. She was heart broken. She said, after all I’ve done for Nora Davis, Kurt Brinkman, Ruth Atkin, and Jac Asher. That was the last straw. She stopped attending all City and Chamber meetings. She said, many times. I’m done with Emeryville. Already alone from the loss of her husband, and now burned out with Emeryville, she was not happy. She began drinking more heavily and apparently, it eventually got the best of her. This is a sad day for Emeryville

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