Mayor’s Husband Blasts City Staff at City Council Meeting

At the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, October 2nd Mayor Jennifer West’s husband, Adrian McGilly, blasted City Staff over the removal of trees for a public park. The Parkside Project, located at Powell St and Hollis St is beginning construction. Their approval calls for the removal of several street trees which many people in the community are upset about. Mr. McGilly is shown in the photo below.

The design of the new park was approved by the City Council on February 7, 2012. The representative from Archstone is shown in the picture below, and his associate shown in the background (right side). You can watch the City Council approval of the Park, by clicking the picture below. The Staff Report is available by clicking the link below.


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Mayor’s Husband Blasts City Staff at City Council Meeting — 1 Comment

  1. Mr. McGilly raises a very interesting and important question, the ability of
    officials to control elected officials by the manipulation of information.
    This seems to be a problem in Emeryville and, indeed, all government.

    Thanks to Mr. McGilly for standing up on the matter