New Skateboard Spot for Emeryville – City Council Approves Conceptual Design 4/2/13

On April 2, 2013 the City Council approved a conceptual design for a new Joseph Emery” Skateboard Spot in Emeryville. located between 45th Street and Park Ave adjacent to San Pablo Ave. (behind the Azermendi Bakery)  The new spot will be a great new addition to the City.  At a cost of approximately $375,000 the Conceptual Plan was approved by the City Council.. The City currently has $200,000 for the project. These are funds the city received from a recent state bond measure for Parks. With so much enthusiasm behind this project, the rest of the money will surely be found. A number of skateboarder’s who have participating in the design of the Project, attending the meeting to show their support. Andre Carpieux of 1264 Ocean Ave, was one lone dissenting voice in the room.


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