PPP Residents vs. Art.Com Sign Continues

The Emeryville Planning Commission held a Special Meeting on Oct 11, to consider the request from Pacific Park Plaza “PPP” Residents to begin revocation/modification hearing for the ART.COM Sign Permit. The Planning Commission responded to PPP residents and voted unanimously to set a modification/revocation hearing for their November 29th meeting. They are hoping ART.COM will find a solution which can satisfy the parties. PPP resident Laurie Karzan, shown in the photo below, has worked hard to organize PPP residents to oppose the sign. You can watch the video of the meeting by clicking the link on the photo.

We recommend the Planning Commission should consider the ART.COM sign to be a public nuisance. Their existing sign approval should be modified to prohibit the continued operation of the LED sign, and allow the signs to be replaced with something similar to what existed before. The Planning Commission should also consider an item on their next agenda to recommend to the City Council, a prohibition of LED signs in Emeryville. The intensity of such signs are unacceptable. While it’s true ART.Com has made a substantial investment in the current sign, like any business investment, you can’t always make the right decision. Clearly they must have recognized the intensity of the sign, and simply did not consider it’s impact on the local community. The community has made it clear, the existing sign is unacceptable. We hope they would be a good corporate citizen and replace the LED sign with something which existed before.

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