Planning Commission says ECCL “too optimistic” – “not enough play area”

At their Special Meeting on November 19, 2012 the Planning Commission reviewed the ECCL Project. They had a number of comments. They all seemed to agree the project should have taller buildings to provide more play area and open space. Many Commissioners think the project is trying to do too many things with not enough money, on a small site. . As a new school the project does not meet the State recommended open space requirements for a new school.

The EPOA remains very concerned there is no “draft operating budget” for the ECCL project. We wonder how any new facility can be built, especially one with TWO partners, without some estimated cost of its operation. The City and the School District have not finalized their respective roles and responsibilities. They are so determined to get the consruction started they must be thinking shortfalls for the operation will be made up by Emeryville taxpayers. Below is the link to the Planning Commission Meeting on November 19, 2013 when it was discussed.

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