Planning Commission Approves Changes to Preservation Ordinance

On October 25, 2012 the Planning Commission approved changes to the Preservation Ordinance. The new version identifies specific parcels to be preserved. The ordinance will go to the City Council for final approval in mid November. If your property is listed in the ordinance this will affect you. Only one of the affected property owners, Al DeGrout from Novartis, was present. He requested a delay so other property owners could be informed. His request was ignored. We feel the selection criteria is too objective. The impact of preserving these facilities is not being considered. Some question the necessity to preserve the PG&E warehouse facility between 45th & 53rd St, and others on the list. Below is a copy of the proposed ordinance, including the list of properties subject to this ordinance..


Diana Keena (photo below) presenting Preservation Ordinance


Planning Commission Approves Changes to Preservation Ordinance — 1 Comment

  1. The Planning Director says all affected property owners were notified. The notice did not distinguished in a way which would make an affected owner aware this specifically impacts them. This raises the question of whether the Staff provides notice just for the purpose of meeting a notice requirement, or whether there is genuine interest in notifying an impacted party. The City has a bad habit of imposing regulations and taxes, on private property owners without their input or knowledge. No one at the City is ever sorry you don’t know about it, or about the impact the action may have. These regulations are the same as imposing a “guilty” sentence on someone for not being present, or being aware..These are the same property owners who pay most of the taxes to run the City. We have created a local ballot measure to require email notice to affected parties, including a TEN DAY advance public notice requirement.before the city can take action on such proposals.