Planning Director Resists General Plan Amendment

At the Dec 18, 2012 City Council meeting the School District asked for a general plan amendment to remove a ped-bike path which cut through the middle of the new ECCL Project directly in the middle of the existing swimming pool which is to be retained. The Council voted 3-2 (west and Asher opposed) to make the amendment. The Planning Director showed his resistance to the amendment, by advising the Council, the amendment is not approved until it goes through a long process. This is a good indication of how the new Planning Regulations, about to be adopted by the City Council, creates a Staff imposed impediment to the Council’s authority to make necessary adjustments. The new General Plan is a document which the City spent 5 years and millions of dollars to accomplish with almost no input from affected Emeryville property owners. Why is it necessary to go through a long process, wasting time and money for something which didn’t make sense in the first place.? The Planning Director is obviously upset by this change. In the SEVEN minute video below he makes it real clear to the Council, it has as long way to go before the Path can actually be removed from the Plan.

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