Update on ECCL Project

Update on Emeryville Community Center of Life found under ECCL heading on the top of the Page. It includes two separate video’s. You can compare Roy Miller’s(School District Architect) presentation to both the City School Committee on October 11th, and then to the school board on October 8th. Council Member Asher asked why the full presentation was not made to the City-School Committee. Board member Josh Simon said, at the end of the day this is a school project. Considering the City’s investment in the project including the recent forgiving of a $3 million loan, his comment was humiliating, Thee bond sale described by Miller at the meeting will have to be repaid at four times the amount of money the District will get with the sale of the bond. Miller described the pace of this project as very “aggressive” at the October 8, 2012 School Board Meeting. The main interest is getting as much money as quickly as possible. Videos of the presentation under ECCL.


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